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Portable Cabin Manufacturer in Thane & Mumbai

Portable Cabin Manufacturer In Mumbai

The company has established a modern manufacturing unit equipped with latest machines and technology for the portable cabins. The portable cabins are  The portable cabins are made both in standard and customized versions. The portable cabin manufacturer in thane also customizes the portable cabins to help clients to get the portable cabins that are manufactured to the precise specification given by them as per their need and requirement. The portable cabins are used for security guards, security duties, temporary office, and temporary shelter for staff on construction sites and for temporary toilets also.
The portable cabins give flexibility to clients on the basis of their construction and easy movability and also reduce the cost of installation to the client. Some other benefits of portable cabins are:-

  • Portable cabins do not require any foundation
  • Can be installed at any place
  • Can be moved to any other place as per the need and requirement
  • Can be used in any weather conditions
  • The size and shape of the portable depend on the need of the client
  • Reduces the cost of installation of security post, and
  • Zero maintenance

The portable cabin manufacturer in Mumbai uses galvanized sheets along with glass and wood to construct the durable portable cabins. The size of the portable cabins can accommodate two to five or six security personnel. The steel sheets used in construction are tested for corrosion resistance abilities. All gaps are sealed at corners, bottom and seams to prevent the ingress of moisture. The portable cabins are made in such a way that these can be used in any weather conditions without any risk to the security guards or person working or sitting in the cabin. The cabins are insulated with insulation glass wool to prevent any electric shocks and short circuits.

The cabins have windows with sliding glass; doors, insulated with locking agreement and handles and hold the draft. All electrical fittings in the cabins are concealed and sockets are created for fans, lights, air conditioner or cooler. The clients can get the customized portable cabins from portable cabin manufacturer in thane for offices  with fitting for office gadgets and computer system, etc. The earthling points are provided for safety. The portable cabins are towed to the site of the client by the hydra and can be shifted to any place within the premises easily by just pushing.